Funding secured to develop key active travel projects

Funding secured to develop key active travel projects

Funding secured to develop key active travel projects emerging from recent Making Falkland and Newton’s Future design charrette.

A total of £325,134 has been awarded to Falkland and Newton of Falkland Community Council, Fife to improve walking and cycling links in the local area.

The funding, which comes from the Scottish Government, through Sustrans Scotland’s Community Links programme, will support the development of designs to create a safe, integrated network of walking and cycling routes linking the villages of Falkland and Newton of Falkland and Fife. The funding will enable ideas emerging from the Making Falkland and Newton of Falkland’s Future design charrette, held in March and April 2018, to be progressed.

As part of the proposals, a 20mph blanket speed limit will be implemented in the Falkland and Newton villages and a Resident Parking Permit Strategy will be developed by autumn 2020. There are also plans to:

  • Run engagement sessions with pupils at Falkland Primary school and with the local community
  • Produce a Maintenance Plan to ensure the sustainability and enduring quality of open spaces in Falkland and Newton of Falkland
  • Collaborate with Falkland Heritage Trust and others to create a public realm design to inform features that will be used in street design to identify, coherent themed active travel routes throughout Falkland and Newton of Falkland.

The move follows on from concerns raised by local residents and businesses about the impact of increased visitor numbers to the area.

Sustrans Scotland Community Links Manager, Dave Keane said: “Sustrans are delighted to be able to support Falkland and Newton of Falkland Community Council’s ambitious plans to make it easier and safer for residents and visitors to walk and cycle in the area.

“The Community Council will develop a placemaking plan to provide a vision of how they would like to see their area improved to accommodate the needs of a growing local population and visitors to key tourist destinations in the area including Falkland Palace and Estate.”

Ken Laurie from Falkland and Newton of Falkland Community Council said: “This award will allow the community to translate their vision, voiced over many years, of a vibrant healthy community finally into a reality. The community will be actively involved in all stages of the project to ensure that the placemaking plan improves the quality of life and well-being of all residents.”

Graham Ross, Partner at Austin-Smith:Lord said: “Having facilitated the recent design charrette we are delighted that this funding has been secured to maintain momentum and help translate the ideas in to action. Enhancing active travel and proactively resolving traffic and transportation issues in the villages should help promote healthy placemaking to benefit residents and visitors to the area.”

Development of designs is expected to start in September 2018 with school and community engagement, set to take place throughout winter 2018/19.